Cashmere yarn is made by arranging textile cashmere fibers in parallel and twisted. The product made by combining and twisting two or more yarns is called strand. The first number refers to the number of strands plied together.

The second number refers to the yarn count used to indicate the fineness of the cashmere yarn. If the length of one gram of cashmere yarn is 26 meters, then the yarn count is 26 --- the length of the yarn divided by the weight. The higher of the cashmere yarn count, the finer the yarn and the price will be more expensive.

Gauge of cashmere knitwear means the number of stitches in a square inch, The larger the gauge, the thinner the cashmere yarn needed; the smaller the gauge, the thicker the cashmere yarn needed.But it’s not that the thinner the cashmere sweater the cheaper, because the thinner the cashmere sweater, the thinner the cashmere yarn required, the more difficult it is to spin, and the loss rate is also much higher.