From April to June each year, herders trim the goat’s hair. Then they wash the raw wool and cashmere. After visual sorting, remove impurities and dehairing, coarse hair and cashmere will separate. According to difference between fiber length and fineness, cashmere is divided into three grades of A,B and C.

Grade A cashmere is of high quality, with an average fineness of 14-16.5 microns and an average length of 36-40 mm. This grade of cashmere has a small amount. All the cashmere products that we offer are made with this very fine grade of cashmere.

Most cashmere sweater brands use B-quality cashmere. Its main feature is that the fineness is 16-19 microns and the average length is 34 mm.

The quality of C-grade cashmere is the lowest among the three types of cashmere. The diameter of C-grade cashmere is between 19-30 microns and the average length is 28mm. Cashmere sweaters produced by fast fashion brands often use this type of cashmere.

The longer and thinner the fiber, the stronger and more durable the cashmere yarn spined. The yarn composed of long cashmere fiber can reduce the loose ends and obtain the softest hand feeling. Since it can be compactly spun, it can produce a more uniform and smooth surface. The final cashmere product is softer and has a more shiny appearance, because it helps light reflection.

The long cashmere fiber can maintain its physical integrity for a long time, so that the cashmere sweater will maintains its structural appearance.