A good cashmere sweater feels soft and delicate. No irritation when in contact with the skin and no tightness on the body.

The weight of cashmere sweaters is lighter than that of the same gauge sweaters of wool and other materials.

Cashmere sweaters are fluffy and have good elasticity. If you hold them tightly and let go, the clothes will rebound quickly and return to their original shape without creases.

Stretch the cashmere sweater to look at the density of the cashmere sweater against the light. Good cashmere sweater has clear and neat lines, not easy to show light, and last many years of wear.

Whilst cashmere sweaters that knit loosely gives an initial impression of softness, but they are easy pilling and quickly become unwearable.

Use one finger to quickly rub the surface of the cashmere sweater to see if there will be small pills. In this case, a good cashmere sweater will not pilling.