When you think of summer clothing, knitwear is probably not something that comes immediately to mind. Knits are often reserved for colder seasons, weather, and places… and not often considered during the hot, sweat-inducing summer season. But knitwear made from silk and cashmere blend yarns is sure to turn all your former notions of knitwear on its head!

    What is silk-cashmere ?

    Silk-cashmere is a blend of real silk and cashmere, so it has the advantage of both silk and cashmere. There is an air layer in the middle of the cashmere fiber, and mulberry silk is natural animal protein fiber, which belongs to a kind of porous material. It is good at air permeability and moisture absorption as well as smooth, soft and lustrous. The density of the two fibers is very small, and they have good moisture absorption, moisture dissipation and breathability. Silk is bright with soft luster, good at moisture absorption and air permeability, light, smooth and flexible. In the meanwhile, cashmere fiber is fine, soft, tough and not easy to fade, which makes it the most suitable for close-fitting wear. Products made of silk cashmere yarn not only retain the soft and high-end nature of cashmere, but also overcomes the shortcomings of cashmere products such as being easy to shrink and wrinkle. So wearing such products is more comfortable.

    Why is silk and cashmere blended knitwear suitable for summer?

    For most women, many people work in the office and there are few opportunities to work outdoors in summer. It's cold and wet in the air-conditioned room. In the environment where you don't sweat often, silk and cashmere knitwear looks great. It can make us feel comfortable and cool while keeping our skin warm. "A well-made dress, takes its shape from the figure and its folds from the movements of the girl who wears it." Natural silk cashmere products are just like this. Silk and cashmere knitwear move with the wearer's body for an elegant and drapey feel. Even if there are folds, after taking it off and hanging it, the folds of the fabric will generally disappear automatically.

    There are two common proportions of silk and cashmere blends. One is 55% silk 45% cashmere and the other is 85% silk 15% cashmere. The most popular in spring clothes is 55% silk 45% cashmere because this proportion is smooth and soft. While at the beginning of summer, our skin likes 85% silk 15% cashmere better. With more silk, we can feel cool and refresh. The silk and cashmere yarns in spring and summer are mostly high counts such as 48 and 60, and mainly used for 14gg, 16gg, 18gg machine knitting. The finer and higher the gauge of the yarn, the more difficult it is to knit. Because it’s too fine to knit quickly. The phenomenon of missing needles is prone to occur, which is a test of the skills for a craftsmen. Therefore, the reason why high-count silk cashmere product is a high-end knitting product is not only because of the material but also because of the craftsmanship. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a handicraft in clothing.