When people talk about cashmere yarn, you may heard the words worsted and woolen. What is woolen cashmere and worsted cashmere? In brief, they are two kinds of yarns with different thicknesses in appearance due to different technological processes during the spinning of raw cashmere into yarns.

   There is a process in the spinning process called combing. The yarn produced through this process is called combed yarn, otherwise, is called carded yarn or woolen yarn. Combed yarn is superior to carded or woolen yarn in strength, evenness and other aspects.

    The woolen fabric has a plump surface with a tight and thick texture. There are fine fluff on the surface, and the texture is generally not revealed. It feels warm, plump and elastic. The fabric is mostly knit with 1 PLY of roving yarn.

    The surface of worsted fabric is smooth and clean, and the texture is fine and clear. The luster is soft and natural, and the color is pure. Soft and elastic to the touch. Pinch the fabric with your hands and loosen it, the crease is not obvious, and it can quickly return to its original state. The fabric is mostly knit with 2 or more PLY of worsted yarn.   

     Worsted fabrics are softer and lighter, so they are more suitable for spring and summer clothing. Woolen fabrics has high thermal insulation and is more suitable for autumn and winter.